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At Home Care Assistance, we believe in providing superior service to all of our clients. Our commitment to excellence makes us the premier home care company in North America and maintains our reputation as the “live in specialists”. Read what our clients are saying about the quality of our care:

Thank you for all your help. Your caregivers have been so wonderful for both my mother and I. I have my health back and a big load off my shoulders. I’m so happy Mom is not only taken care of, she also really enjoys Valerie’s company. She is a perfect fit with her expertise with dogs (my Mom has a puppy). My mom says she feels like they are peers and they have developed a friendship. I’m thrilled. My Mom has been very isolated in the past few years with her health issues keeping her home alone. Thank you for taking care of my wonderful mother. I didn’t realize how much stress I was carrying with me until your company and caregivers came into our lives. What a blessing you all have been!

Kelly Lullo

Our family contacted Home Care Assistance when Mom started to need help with day-to-day living. We previously visited several nursing home facilities but were not satisfied with the quality of life offered by even the best of them. We found the in-home care offered by Home Care Assistance staff to be exactly what Mom needed to live a safe and fulfilling life within the comfort and familiarity of her own home. We have been touched and gratified by the quality of the caregivers and the level of understanding and support offered by everyone involved with Mom’s Care.

Randy Simpson, Arizona

We enjoyed peace of mind that our mother was in the best hands and able to enjoy her own home for as long as possible. The staff at Home Care Assistance was absolutely dedicated to her. We are grateful for all they did.

Joe Davis, Rancho Santa Fe

We found Home Care Assistance to be a 1st class service company. They were very professional, yet were flexible enough to meet our needs and requests as my wife’s illness progressed during her last 3 months. The 2 caregivers assigned to us were extremely caring workers who fit right in, almost as family. Where hospice fails, these folks come through. I highly recommend this company. If I had it to do again they’d be my 1st choice.

Jack Sauvageau, San Diego

On behalf of our family, I am writing to thank you for the extraordinary service you and your team rendered to us over the last year in taking care of my mother as she approached her death at 101.

When you came to us and transitioned into a difficult situation, I had no idea how smoothly everything would work out. It is a great credit to your leadership and people skills.

Of equal importance, the screening process you follow in finding the right caregivers is the best I have seen in any business. You not only gave us several great choices, but we knew that each one had been properly vetted. Knowing that gave us great peace of mind, and we were never disappointed in selecting Cindy; she was absolutely a perfect fit.

We should all be so lucky to have Home Care Assistance when we need it.

James A. Roberts, Private Dispute Resolution Consultant, San Diego

Your Caregiver was a fantastic care provider. He took a sincere interest in the care and well-being of my Father… he did a great job of communicating health status, providing hands on care and made sure he received his daily exercise. “Bill went above and beyond when he attended a difficult physician appointment where he stepped in to be a strong advocate of my Father’s needs, even when the physician incorrectly disagreed. I am personally grateful.

John W. Townsend Jr., San Marcos

I am writing you to express my extreme gratitude with the services that your company has provided my mother over the past month. Without your caregivers, T-Ann ands Teresa, and their thoroughness in understanding difficult situations, my mother had a very good chance of not surviving her latest release from the local hospital. It was only your caregiver’s critical observations that saved the day for Marinell. Again, I am thrilled to have your company working with my mother, providing health care assistance with great personal support and encouragement to brighten her remaining time here.

P.S. One thing I think you should mention to potential customers is that Home Care Assistance is tax deductible… an unrealized benefit to your company that I learned from my tax accountant this year.

Tom Fletcher, San Diego

Your Caregiver Coordinator was a pleasure to work with. She selected the correct caregiver for Ray. He was grand! Everything went smoothly and I was very pleased with your service. I will use your services if I need them in the future.

Ruth Rapp, Carlsbad

I could not have been more pleased with your company’s services, and most of all, the assigned Caregiver. The pre-visit to my home was very reassuring that I was dealing with a company of integrity. My caregiver never stopped trying to find things to do for me. The cost was well worth the service. I would not hesitate to use or recommend your service in the future.

Jeanne Olson, Del Mar


well, it looks like our relationship will be terminated, for at least awhile. i would have liked to have written a letter, but i am beginning to recognize my limitations, so i’m making it an e-mail before i get too busy and forget.

thank you for your mission. i have very limited experience as the procurer of in-home health care services, so i guess it was luck that you were the first i read about in detail, and phoned.

you and your assistants (most notably, eve) were true to your commitment. during my time working with you, i never felt a sense of frustration. i never had a reason to be concerned that you or eve were not listening to betty or me, or that you were hesitating to act when a “problem” arose.

betty was an interesting girl, and she wasn’t shy about telling any of us how she thought it ought to be. you were all (including the wonderful women who stayed with, and were companions to betty) responsive, kind, realistic, and respectful.

i can’t possibly say enough good things about zee and sarah. i just can’t. they were my friends and family. i love them.

i hope you all continue to enjoy what you are doing. i know from my own experience that you do, because you can’t be so good at caring for other people if it’s not want you really want to do.

betty really liked you all, she told me often… and she told it like it was.

if i can ever be of service to any of you, please call me.

until we meet again,

Joel Maclean

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