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5 Risks of Hiring a Private Caregiver

Whether from frailty, immobility or memory loss, the realization that your elderly parent or loved one requires daily assistance is difficult to cope with.  While families want to provide their loved one with the best care possible, cost often interferes with the caregiving decision.  As a result, families look to private caregivers to care for their elderly loved one.  Although there is sometimes a cost benefit, families need to be aware of the dangers and risks of hiring a private caregiver. 

To help families navigate through the process of finding a caregiver, San Diego Home Care Assistance has compiled a list of 5 risks to be aware of when hiring a private caregiver:

  • Caregivers with Criminal Records.  One of the risks of private caregivers is hiring an individual who has a criminal record or someone that could put your loved one in danger.  When you hire a private caregiver, you will need to undergo the lengthy and time consuming process of conducting local and national background checks and you will need to thoroughly check references.  You are also responsible for verifying the caregiver is legally entitled to work in the United States.
  • Under Qualified and Unsupervised Caregivers.  Another risk of private caregivers is they may be not be qualified to provide the specialty assistance your loved one requires.  For instance, seniors with chronic conditions such as Alzheimer’s, dementia or Parkinson’s require highly trained caregivers to assist them with day to day activities. Furthermore, there are no managers or individuals to ensure the caregiver is providing the care and assistance that is necessary. 
  • No Backup Plan for Emergency Situations.  With a private caregiver, there is typically no backup plan should the individual become ill or unable to provide care on a day they are scheduled.  Families are constantly concerned about if the caregiver is going to show up on a day to day basis, and also have to worry about what to do if their caregiver is late.
  • Tax Complications.  Families often overlook the fact that by hiring a private caregiver, they have now become an employer.  Families are then responsible for properly filing tax forms required by the state and may also need to pay federal and state income taxes, social security and Medicare taxes.  With many details and requirements to meet, families risk filing taxes improperly possibly owing additional money.
  • Injuries to the Caregiver.  Injuries on the job pose the greatest financial risk to a senior and their family.  If a private caregiver is hurt while caring for your loved one, and there is no workers’ compensation, the family is responsible for medical expenses and disability.  More often than not, your homeowners insurance will not cover the expenses for an injury to an individual who provides help in the home.   

If you are looking for a caregiver for your elderly loved one, contact Home Care Assistance San Diego.  We are reliable provider of home care and employ the industry’s most qualified and highly trained caregivers.  In addition to having previous experience in caring for seniors, all of our caregivers undergo a thorough screening that includes a national and criminal background check.  We also take care of your caregiver so that you don’t have to.  Home Care Assistance caregivers are bonded and insured for your protection and we manage all aspects of taxes, benefits, and workers’ compensation.  Enjoy peace of mind knowing your loved one is in caring and professional hands and call a Care Manager today to schedule a free in-home consultation.

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