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The “Other Aspects” of Managing Care from Afar

Managing a loved one’s care from a distance can pose numerous challenges; however, it is possible to make sure your loved one is safe and healthy in their San Diego home from afar. While you have likely ensured your loved one’s safety by establishing a health and hygiene routine, it may also be important to review your current plan to ensure it covers these often-overlooked aspects of long-distance caregiving.

  • Daily Social Interaction – Long-distance caregivers have the advantage of using technology to stay in contact with their loved one. Video chats, text messages and phone calls can all make it possible to check-in on your loved one each day. However, you may also want to consider professional in-home companions in San Diego who can visit your loved one regularly while engaging in their favorite activities.
  • Patient Advocacy – It may be possible to schedule your loved one’s medical appointments and transportation from another city or state; however, it is important to have a plan in place for handling conflicts or questions regarding your loved one’s care. Having someone nearby you can trust to advocate for your loved one can provide you with peace of mind while ensuring they receive the medical services they need to stay healthy. Click here for information about hospital sitters and post-hospital care, both extremely beneficial for helping to navigate care after a surgery or fall, as well as day to day patient advocacy issues.
  • Financial Planning – Senior adults face several challenges when it comes to managing their finances. For example, seniors with memory loss or dementia may forget to pay bills on time or mismanage their accounts. The aging population is also especially vulnerable to scams targeting their finances and health care services. Long-distance caregivers can overcome these challenges by establishing online access to review account balances, and it may be beneficial to hire a financial adviser who can keep a closer eye on special funds designated for long-term care.

When providing care to a loved one, numerous situations can arise that may require an immediate response to safeguard a patient’s health and financial security. By having a plan in place, you can continue to provide quality care from afar while being prepared for any circumstance that may arise.

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