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What Is Home Care for Seniors?

Home care for seniors refers to various forms of assistance that can help older men and women maintain their independence with a bit of help from professional providers of elder care in San Diego. Though elderly individuals may experience a decline in their physical abilities as they reach a certain age, they may be otherwise healthy and eager to avoid facilities that take away their independence.

With San Diego home care, a caregiver comes to the house whenever they are needed, to assist their client with activities of daily living and personal care. Some elders require help maneuvering themselves out of bed, using the facilities in the bathroom and cooking meals. Caregivers provide assistance with tasks such as these, along with transportation for medical appointments, housekeeping and medication reminders.

General social interaction is an extremely important part of home care. Caregivers can plan activities and encourage their client to participate in games, accompany them for walks in a nearby park or provide transportation for local social events. Social interaction and mental stimulation play a vital role in combating depression in seniors.

For individuals who have been diagnosed with a moderate illness but who are not ready to move to a nursing home or an assisted living facility, there are a number of other options. A live-in caregiver provides personal care and assistance with activities of daily living 24/7. Seniors and their families can rest easy knowing a professional caregiver is always present to monitor their loved one’s health status. In the event of an emergency, caregivers can call an ambulance and notify the family, to get them help as quickly as possible.

Senior care in San Diego is ultimately provided to senior citizens whose families cannot be with them at all times. This may be due to a variety of reasons. For example, other family members might currently be located several hours away. In other cases, they may be managing stressful jobs with commitments to their immediate families. In-home caregivers provide relief and support, while also offering valuable social companionship for their clients.

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