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San Diego Senior Care Enhanced by Senior Safety Devices

As your parent or elderly loved one ages, they experience an increased risk for accidents, falls and injuries.  Fortunately, with the help of technology, there are several innovative devices and software programs that are available to help monitor seniors in their day to day life.  In addition to being used by seniors who live independently, these devices are being adopted by family caregivers, home careprofessionals, nursing homes and assisted living facilities to enhance the safety and overall wellbeing of elder individuals.

One of the most commonly used senior safety technologies is fall management.  Seniors who receivecare at home can take advantage of the technology in the form of a pendant.  Small in size, fall management pendants can be comfortably worn around the wrist or neck.  If a senior is to fall at home, they can simply push a button and emergency services will arrive directly at their doorstep.  More advanced forms of this technology are being used in nursing homes and assisted living facilities.  The fall management technology has been incorporated into padding on the floor, as well as in conjunction with webcams.  As a result, if a patient falls, the technology will signal the staff enabling them to provide immediate assistance and care.

Another device that enhances senior safety is vital stats monitoring systems.  Seniors who suffer from chronic conditions such as high blood pressure can use the device to help detect when any of their vitals exceed healthy limits.  Used by independently living seniors, professional caregivers, and assisted living facilities, vital stats monitoring systems enhance a senior care plan ensuring the health and safety of senior patients.

A final technology that is beneficial to seniors is wander management software.  This software tracks where a senior is, and allows a caregiver or family member to set a specific monitored area.  When a senior walks or travels out of the monitored area, the caregiver or family member will be alerted.  Wander management software is especially important for those providing Dementia or Alzheimer’s care in San Diego, where wandering is a common problem associated with the disease and can result in fall or severe injury.

If you are a concerned adult child of an elderly parent, the above devices can be utilized to help provide comfort and security to your loved one.  If you believe your loved one requires professional assistance beyond senior safety devices, home care offered by Home Care Assistance of San Diego is a great option.  An experienced caregiver provides assistance at the home of your loved one at a minimum of four hours per day.  Our compassionate caregivers help with activities of daily living and provide transportation for errands or medical appointments, allowing your loved one to maintain their independence and regular routines.  For more information about our senior care options, visit our website today at

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