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Understanding Senior Living Options after Retirement

Retirement signifies a new chapter of life for many senior adults.  During this time, it is important for seniors to begin making long termdecisions about their future.  While there are several things to consider, revising living arrangements is a top priority, especially for seniors with chronic conditions.  As stressful as the topic may be to discuss, Home Care Assistance in San Diego encourages seniors to plan ahead and understand all of their living options following retirement.  By doing so, seniors will enjoy a higher quality of life and level of independence.

One option that seniors have for long term living are retirement communities.  These communities are specifically designed for individuals aged 55 and over and are comprised of single family homes, duplexes, townhomes or condominiums.  When living in a retirement community, the senior purchases an individual unit and also pays additional monthly fees to cover maintenance of the property and shared amenities such as recreation centers. This option is ideal for socially active seniors who have the ability to live independently.

A second option is an assisted living facility.  These facilities provide a housing option for individuals who require assistance with activities of daily living and may also require help with medications.  Depending on the living facility, the senior may have a small apartment style living space, or a single or shared room in a larger facility. San Diego senior carefacilities also tend to have common areas for dining and recreational activities. 

A final long term care option which is preferred by a majority of seniors is home care.  With in home assisted living in San Diego, a senior receives minimal assistance with activities of daily living, personal care, as well as reliable transportation for errands or personal events.  Home care is provided within the comfort of the senior’s home and enables them to maintain their independence and regular routines with help from a professional and certified caregiver.

Seniors should also evaluate their personal needs before choosing a long term living option.  A senior’s physical, mental, social and emotional needs have a significant impact on which living option will provide the best care and overall environment.

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