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Safety Recommendations for Seniors Living Alone

Does your loved one live alone?  Are they able to call for help in case of a sudden emergency?  If your loved one lives at home independently, certain precautions should be taken to ensure their safety in case of a fall, accident or emergency.  The following recommendations from San Diego Home Care Assistance are designed to help seniors stay safe at home.

Consider a Monitoring System
Seniors living alone should consider installing an alarm system that is connected to a monitoring company.  These alarms alert authorities whenever a possible problem occurs such as a fire or gas leak.  The alarm will also sound in the home, notifying the senior that there is a problem and they should exit immediately.  More recent devices also come equipped with a panic button which seniors can easily access if they are in danger.  A home monitoring system helps ensure emergency services are notified,and prompt medical attention is received during an emergency.

Keep an Emergency Folder
Seniors should keep an emergency folder in an easy to access location in the home.  The folder should contain a list of medications, information about medical conditions, documents regarding who is medical power of attorney, and other important information that needs to be available in case of an emergency.  This can be a valuable lifesaving tool in a situation such as a heart attack, where a senior may not be able to clearly communicate or speak to medical personnel.

Ensure the Home is Safe
Seniors can avoid accidents and injuries at home by making sure their home is accessible and safe. Floors should be kept free of debris and rugs should be secured with double sided adhesive or tape to minimize trips or falls.  Bathrooms are another area that can be made safer by installing grab bars and non-slip surfaces in areas that are exposed to water.

Consider Home Care
In home assisted living in San Diego is a great option to help keep seniors safe at home. Seniors have the ability to create a flexible schedule that meets their specific needs.  From four to twenty four hours per day, seniors receive assistance with personal care, household chores, transportation for errands, and accompaniment to doctor’s appointments.  Caregivers ensure the safety of seniors while still allowing them to live at home independently.

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