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Important Senior Health Screenings

Senior Health ScreeningWith age, seniors are more at risk for chronic conditions including heart disease, cancer and strokes.  To help minimize the risk of these conditions or detect them early, seniors should visit their physician on a regular basis for routine health screenings.  Home Care Assistance, a San Diego home care provider, provides several health screenings that are important for seniors to maintain good health:

  • Blood pressure and cholesterol levels should be checked frequently.  This is especially important for seniors who smoke or have a family history of diabetes
  • Diabetes screenings should be administered to seniors who have high blood pressure.  The American Diabetes Association recommends screening every three years between ages 45 and 65, and annually after age 65.
  • Colorectal cancer examinations should be preformed starting at the age of 50.  The frequency is dependent on the individual and your doctor will be able to provide you with a reliable timeline
  • Hearing tests should be conducted regularly to see if hearing aids are necessary
  • Vision tests are important to screen for conditions such as macular degeneration
  • Depression screenings are also vital in maintaining mental and physical health as seniors experience a wide and new range of emotions as they age.

Many San Diego senior care experts also recommend an annual flu shot and a one-time pneumonia shot for adults over 65.  Boosters for other vaccinations may also be recommended for older adults.

Consult with your primary care physician to schedule any of the above health screenings or if you have any further questions.  If you would like accompaniment or need transportation to medical appointments, Home Care Assistance San Diego offers an ideal solution.  Our compassionate caregivers are happy to accompany seniors to the doctor’s to help alleviate any anxious feelings, and provide reliable transportation for medical appointments and errands.  Available on an hourly or full time basis, caregivers also help with cleaning, cooking, housekeeping and personal care.  Maximize your safety and maintain your independence and contact Home Care Assistance San Diego today.

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