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How to Choose Between Elder Home Care Services and Nursing Homes

It can be difficult to decide between Elder home care and nursing homes. There are some advantages to both that should be taken into consideration. Overall, the patient’s health will be the main concern when choosing between San Diego home care services and nursing homes.


Depending on the level of care required, elder home care can be cheaper than nursing homes. In some cases, Medicare will cover some of the costs of the nursing home, but the patient will still be left with a majority of the expenses.

Many elder home care providers will only charge by the hour. If a patient only needs assistance during certain times of the day or night, he or she will only pay for the times that the caregiver is present and providing assistance. Nursing homes do not have the option of only paying for the services that are used.


If the patient is in a condition that leaves him or her immobile or needing medical care, a nursing home will likely be the best option. A nursing home will be able to provide assistance in every aspect of the patient’s life and has medical staff on call.

If the patient only needs assistance with certain tasks, elder home care is a good choice for him or her. San Diego elder care services provide caregivers who assist with tasks such as bathing, cooking, shopping, taking medications, using the toilet and personal hygiene.

Privacy and Comfort

Nursing homes offer great care for patients; however, most seniors would prefer to live in their own home. It is very important to include the patient in the decision making process. Find out which option he or she would be more comfortable with. Elder home care services can provide assistance in the privacy and comfort of home.


In home care and nursing homes both offer great quality of service for elders. However, it is important to research the companies before deciding on a particular San Diego nursing home or San Diego senior care service. Different agencies and nursing homes will provide different services. Lay out the choices for the patient and include them in the final decision.

If the patient doesn’t need medical care, he or she is likely to be more comfortable in his or her own home. Weigh the options and make the best choice for your loved one.

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