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Finding the Right Senior Home Care in Your Area

Helping a loved one transition into a San Diego home care environment can be a difficult step. Often, family members would rather care for their loved ones themselves, but circumstances and prior obligations make it impossible.

You are not alone. Thousands of families are dealing with the same emotions and asking many of the same questions. The main concern is always finding the right setting.

With the help of a physician and or a social worker, the senior should first be assessed physically and mentally. Is Mom or Dad simply slowing down and having difficulty with stairs and driving? Is she/he in the early stages of dementia? These factors and more will determine where you should start your search for the best setting for your loved one. Perhaps, a ranch-style home in a 55 and older community is the right place. A more severe diagnosis will lead your search toward a continuing care center with around the clock skilled nursing. If they just need help remembering to take medications or preparing meals, in home assisted living may be more appropriate.

When helping a senior loved one to look for senior housing, consider looking for a community offering a continuum of care. Many of these “neighborhoods” offer a variety of options from apartments, to assisted living to a nursing home. As seniors age at different rates with potential health issues, a continuum of care makes these transitions easier. Visiting regularly can be facilitated and provide a greater peace of mind for everyone who is involved.

Throughout your search, the quality of care and amenities should also be taken into consideration. Whether you are looking for a San Diego senior care agency or a senior facility, it is important to review their caregiver requirements and services provided. What kind of medical affiliations, if any, are associated with the provider. What is the quality of the caregiving? Is there a lot of turn-around or do the same nurses and assistants stay to develop relationships with their residents? In addition to care, amenities are also important. Is there a chapel, a fitness center or a community room? What dining options are available? What activities are offered? Are transportation services available to safely and comfortably help seniors commute to events and errands out in the greater community?

Last, but not least, focus on safety and security. Check references and learn about the security systems in place. Make sure it is a place where your loved one feels safe.

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