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Elderly in Home Care Doesn’t Mean a Lack of Socialization

As people age, their need for specialized care increases. San Diego home care and personal assistance are two common necessities for elderly people. However, needing extra assistance doesn’t necessarily mean that the client will start lacking in their social life. On the contrary, studies have shown that seniors, who connect socially, remain in better health than their non-social counterparts. There are many benefits to nurturing relationships with friends and family members for people of all ages, and the elderly population is no exception.

Studies have proven that people who interact with others have fewer colds and bouts of illness during the cold and flu season. On the other hand, people who spend more time alone tend to get sick more often. Socializing with other people isn’t the only way to enjoy interaction. Having pets and companion animals can have the same positive effect.

People who focus on others instead of themselves have a healthier heart than those who say, “I,” “mine” and “me” often. People who focus conversations on themselves tend to be more prone to heart attacks. On the same note, our immune system is poorly affected if a person doesn’t have positive social support. In general, people who are lonely have lethargic killer cells, which can weaken their immune system.

If one spouse in an elderly married couple falls ill, the other spouse has to devote a majority of their time to providing home health care for their loved one. This can result in less time to spend with others for the healthy spouse. Furthermore, if one spouse loses the other to death, life changes greatly. The living spouse may feel isolated from activities that the couple used to do together. Also, friendships may fade away if a couple had other friends who were couples.

In general, feeling grateful for life coincides with good physical, emotional and mental health. Unfortunately, many elderly people are at risk for being isolated. This can not only decrease health but also shorten life expectancy. As seniors age, they tend to drive less and less. This can severely impact isolation, since it’s no longer easy for the senior citizen to get around town and they must give up independence in many areas of life.

Fortunately, there is a viable solution with San Diego senior care. In home caregivers provide daily support and companionship for their clients. They also provide transportation for their client to run errands, attend social events or visit family members. In addition to home care, senior citizen centers, support groups and other types of organizations understand the importance of maintaining socialization as people age and provide activities for seniors to attend.

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