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A Typical Day for Caregivers in Home Care

Home care can include a variety of services depending upon a patient’s needs. While every San Diego home care agency handles their assignments differently, most live-in caregivers can expect to spend time with their patient for least five days a week. This provides consistency in a patient’s care, while ensuring the comfort of both the patient and the caregiver. A typical day for caregivers in home care will involve caring for the patient’s personal, physical and mental needs throughout the day.

Morning Activities

A caregiver’s day usually begins with helping their patient to get out of their bed and prepare for the day. Depending upon a patient’s capabilities, a caregiver may help them to get dressed and attend to their personal needs such as bathing. Next, a caregiver will prepare breakfast according to the dietary recommendations of the patient’s physician. Patients with special diets may require that a caregiver record the menu and amount of food eaten by the patient in a log book that others can use to document the patient’s health. In addition to breakfast, a caregiver will also ensure that their patient eats a nutritious lunch and dinner as well.

Physical and Social Activities

For most patients, getting out of the house and enjoying some fresh air will be an important part of their senior care routine. Caregivers will assist their patients as needed to enjoy some physical activities at least once a day. For example, a patient with limited mobility may enjoy having their caregiver push their wheelchair around their neighborhood. Other patients may be able to enjoy a short walk in the park. Additionally, the caregiver may take patients with them to run errands, provided that the patient is interested and feeling comfortable with going along.

Evening Activities

In the afternoon, if the caregiver is not schedule to remain overnight, they will begin to prepare to leave their patient. Many patients enjoy the mental stimulation that conversations with their caregiver can provide. Additionally, a caregiver will want to ensure that their patient will be comfortable after they are gone. They giver them easy access to water, as well as an enjoyable activity such as a book or television show.

While a typical day for a caregiver involves hard work taking care of their patient’s needs, they are rewarded by the satisfaction that comes with helping another person to feel their best. Most San Diego caregivers find that during the average day spent with their patient, they get to know them and enjoy helping them with their daily needs.

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