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Convincing an Elderly Parent to Accept In Home Care

Growing old comes with many challenges, including the need for outside assistance with daily chores and personal care. Convincing an elderly parent to seek help when they have become forgetful or physically unable to care for themselves properly requires a lot of communication. Researching the available options before talking to your mom or dad allows you to prepare for the questions and concerns they may have.

What to Know

In-home care is an alternative that allows your elderly parents to remain in their own home. One of the main concerns that you will need to address when searching for elder care in San Diego is privacy and independence. Senior citizens are often concerned that they will lose their independent lifestyle by admitting they could use help with daily tasks. In-home caregivers are available to come into the home for just a few hours a day to provide help with basic chores such as cooking, housekeeping and personal grooming.

It is important to remember that your parents have an opinion that should be respected. Include them in all discussions and provide them with the information you find in your research. When safety is an issue, you may want to ask for a trial period where a San Diego home care professional visits. After the trial period, discuss with your parents the possibility of hiring the caregiver for a long term period. Other precautions, such as installing a personal alarm system to alert paramedics in the case of a fall and placing grab bars throughout the home, can allow your parents to stay at home and independent when combined with in-home care. Try to keep an open mind to come up with a solution that suits both you and your elderly parents.

Consider Safety

In-home care may not be a possibility if your parents are experiencing serious health issues and need medical care frequently. Under circumstances such as these, a nursing facility could be the best place to ensure your loved one receives the medical care needed. A thorough medical exam can help you determine whether your elderly mom or dad needs constant care or can hire an aide for a few hours a day. Whether you determine home care or a facility is the best option for senior care in San Diego, your loved one will enjoy a better quality of life with professional assistance.

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