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Taking care of a loved one who has dementia or Alzheimer’s is time consuming and emotionally challenging. The disease affects both the person who is suffering from it and their entire family. Alzheimer’s patients often show signs of erratic behavior and memory loss. These changes can be very difficult to handle and San Diego home care services provide specialized care for patients and support for their families. Dementia and Alzheimer’s affect the person’s brain in ways that can be unpredictable. Progression of the disease may be slow, but families who are coping with these changes in their parent or grandparent should be educated about how to handle them effectively.

Early symptoms of Alzheimer’s usually include forgetfulness, asking questions repetitively and sudden fear of being alone. The symptoms generally worsen over a period of time and the patient may wander off, hide things, lose things and accuse others of stealing items they have misplaced. The behavior of an Alzheimer’s victim may seem hurtful, but it is not intentional. Family members often have difficulty coping with these behavioral changes and find that hiring a professional Alzheimer’s care provider for their loved one is the ideal option. Home care for seniors with Alzheimer’s or dementia allows patients to remain in the comfort of their home, instead of having to move to an unfamiliar facility.

Alzheimer’s patients need care 24 hours per day and most family members are unable to devote the required time and energy. A professional and experienced provider of senior care in San Diegoensures that the patient receives proper care. Alzheimer’s patients usually have a difficult time coping with changes and the familiarity of home plays a vital role in their comfort and overall well-being. The disease often prevents the patient from thinking rationally and they need to be reminded to take medications, eat meals and even go to bed. A home caregiver assists their client with activities of daily living such as preparing meals, bathing, dressing and brushing their teeth. Caregivers also help with household chores, personal grooming, transportation and running errands. Whether you are a family caregiver in need of respite or have a loved one who requires around the clock monitoring, we offer hourly and live-in care to meet your needs.

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