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Important Senior Health Screenings

With age, seniors are more at risk for chronic conditions including heart disease, cancer and strokes.  To help minimize the risk of these conditions or detect them early, seniors should visit their physician on a regular basis for routine health screenings.  Home Care Assistance, a San Diego home care provider, provides several health screenings that are important for seniors to maintain good... [ Read More ]

Hospitalization Can Raise Your Risk of Dementia

Has your elderly loved one recently been hospitalized? Do they seem mentally different than before they went in?  Recent studies indicate that hospitalization itself, especially when intensive care is involved, increases the risk of dementia for elderly individuals. Home Care Assistance San Diego offers some insight into what researchers are saying about the relation between hospitalization a... [ Read More ]

Home Care Checklist – How to Choose the Right Home Health Care Agency

Choosing the right home health care agency can be difficult.  Home Care in San Diego provided by Home Care Assistance, offers family members a checklist to help them choose the agency that will provide the most comfort and the best level of care for their elderly parent or loved one. Keep your Loved One’s Needs in Mind.  One of the first factors to consider is whether the home health c... [ Read More ]

San Diego Elder Care presents the Top 3 Challenges for Elderly Parkinson’s Patients

There are over 60,000 new cases of Parkinson’s disease diagnosed each year, joining the more than 1.5 million Americans who have the disease.  While Parkinson’s has been seen in young adults and children, the chronic and degenerative disease primarily affects elderly individuals over the age of 65. In a healthy body, the cells of the nervous system harness a brain chemical called dopamine ... [ Read More ]

The Advantages of Hospice Care in San Diego

Do you have an elderly parent who has been diagnosed with a terminal illness?  Are you looking for ways to help them spend their final days of life in comfort?  For seniors who are given less than six months to live, hospice care in San Diego is an ideal option, allowing seniors to maintain their dignity with professional assistance from compassionate caregivers. One of the main advantage... [ Read More ]

Improve the Life of your Loved One with In-Home Care

It is important for seniors to have the best medical care as they age.  When your loved one requires professional assistance due to a chronic condition, you may not be available to provide adequate care as a result of work obligations or physical distance.  Other options such as care facilities can be expensive and often require seniors to leave the comfort of their own home.  San Diego in-h... [ Read More ]

San Diego Senior Care Enhanced by Senior Safety Devices

As your parent or elderly loved one ages, they experience an increased risk for accidents, falls and injuries.  Fortunately, with the help of technology, there are several innovative devices and software programs that are available to help monitor seniors in their day to day life.  In addition to being used by seniors who live independently, these devices are being adopted by family caregivers... [ Read More ]

When is it Unsafe for your Elderly Loved One to Drive?

Recent studies report that fatality rates begin to climb for drivers over the age of 65.  Furthermore, a majority of states do not require older adults to renew licenses in person, and only two require seniors over the age of 65 to pass a road test.  With minimal state issued senior driving requirements, it is especially important for concerned adult children of elderly drivers to be aware of ... [ Read More ]

A Guide to Long-Term Care Insurance

Long-term care insurance is an important component to helping seniors secure a financial future and their overall wellbeing.  As your loved one ages, they unfortunately face an increased risk for chronic conditions, mental illness, as well as other age-related disabilities.  An adequate long-term care insurance plan can help seniors protect their personal and family finances if they should req... [ Read More ]

Safety Recommendations for Seniors Living Alone

Does your loved one live alone?  Are they able to call for help in case of a sudden emergency?  If your loved one lives at home independently, certain precautions should be taken to ensure their safety in case of a fall, accident or emergency.  The following recommendations from San Diego Home Care Assistance are designed to help seniors stay safe at home. Consider a Monitoring System Se... [ Read More ]

Talking to your Elderly Parent about their Financial Future

Have you had “the talk” about money with your parents? Do they have enough money saved for long term retirement?  Do they have medical or disability insurance? What is their plan in case of a medical emergency?  While often a sensitive topic, a conversation about your elderly parent’s finances is necessary in order to help them secure a financial future and improve their overall wellbein... [ Read More ]

Understanding Senior Living Options after Retirement

Retirement signifies a new chapter of life for many senior adults.  During this time, it is important for seniors to begin making long termdecisions about their future.  While there are several things to consider, revising living arrangements is a top priority, especially for seniors with chronic conditions.  As stressful as the topic may be to discuss, Home Care Assistance in San Diego enc... [ Read More ]

In-Home Care is the Preferred Choice of Senior Citizens

If you suddenly find yourself caring for an elderly parent and it has become very overwhelming, additional care could be the solution. A fulltime nursing home may be one of your options, but it might not be the preferred choice of your loved one. Most seniors would prefer to remain in their own home as they age, but their families are often concerned with their safety at home. Many families stru... [ Read More ]

In-Home Care Services for Your Loved One’s Needs

When a loved one begins to require more care than their family can provide then in-home care services are an excellent way to ensure that their personal needs are taken care of every day. Through a San Diego home care service, a caregiver will come to a patient’s home daily and assist them with everyday tasks such as bathing, preparing meals and taking their medication. In-home caregivers ar... [ Read More ]

Important Home Care Decisions That Must be Made by the Family

A Family and Home Care Deciding on whether home care is the right choice for a loved one can be a difficult decision. There are many factors that any family will have to consider. A family can begin making a decision by calling a family meeting. In the family meeting, everyone can discuss the San Diego home care options for their loved one. Families can outweigh the pros and cons of this impo... [ Read More ]

How to Choose Between Elder Home Care Services and Nursing Homes

It can be difficult to decide between Elder home care and nursing homes. There are some advantages to both that should be taken into consideration. Overall, the patient’s health will be the main concern when choosing between San Diego home care services and nursing homes. Price Depending on the level of care required, elder home care can be cheaper than nursing homes. In some cases, Medica... [ Read More ]

Home Care Services Help Seniors with Dementia & Alzheimer's

Taking care of a loved one who has dementia or Alzheimer's is time consuming and emotionally challenging. The disease affects both the person who is suffering from it and their entire family. Alzheimer's patients often show signs of erratic behavior and memory loss. These changes can be very difficult to handle and San Diego home care services provide specialized care for patients and support ... [ Read More ]

Finding the Right Senior Home Care in Your Area

Helping a loved one transition into a San Diego home care environment can be a difficult step. Often, family members would rather care for their loved ones themselves, but circumstances and prior obligations make it impossible. You are not alone. Thousands of families are dealing with the same emotions and asking many of the same questions. The main concern is always finding the right setti... [ Read More ]

Elderly in Home Care Doesn't Mean a Lack of Socialization

As people age, their need for specialized care increases. San Diego home care and personal assistance are two common necessities for elderly people. However, needing extra assistance doesn’t necessarily mean that the client will start lacking in their social life. On the contrary, studies have shown that seniors, who connect socially, remain in better health than their non-social counterpart... [ Read More ]

Convincing an Elderly Parent to Accept In Home Care

Growing old comes with many challenges, including the need for outside assistance with daily chores and personal care. Convincing an elderly parent to seek help when they have become forgetful or physically unable to care for themselves properly requires a lot of communication. Researching the available options before talking to your mom or dad allows you to prepare for the questions and concern... [ Read More ]

A Typical Day for Caregivers in Home Care

Home care can include a variety of services depending upon a patient’s needs. While every San Diego home care agency handles their assignments differently, most live-in caregivers can expect to spend time with their patient for least five days a week. This provides consistency in a patient’s care, while ensuring the comfort of both the patient and the caregiver. A typical day for caregiver... [ Read More ]

What Is Home Care for Seniors?

Home care for seniors refers to various forms of assistance that can help older men and women maintain their independence with a bit of help from professional providers of elder care in San Diego. Though elderly individuals may experience a decline in their physical abilities as they reach a certain age, they may be otherwise healthy and eager to avoid facilities that take away their independen... [ Read More ]

Helpful Tips for San Diego Senior Caregivers Taking Care of Senior Loved Ones

Are you a family caregiver? Do you feel like you’ve reached your breaking point? There are a number of things you can do to make your job of taking care of your senior loved one a little easier: Join a caregiver support group. Support groups are much more than a shoulder to cry on. They’re also great places to meet new friends who truly understand what you’... [ Read More ]

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