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5 Tips for Hassle-Free Grocery Shopping for Seniors

From reading the small print on labels to picking up heavy packages, grocery shopping becomes more challenging as people age. For older adults, it can be the most difficult task of the week. At San Diego Home Care Assistance, we believe that seniors should never have to compromise their health and safety in order to shop for groceries and want to offer 5 simple strategies that can help make shopping for groceries easier for older adults.

  1. Make a List and Check it Twice – A grocery list not only ensures that seniors remember to get everything they need at the store, but helps prevent wasteful impulse buying as well. We recommend keeping the list in a familiar place such as on the refrigerator door so that seniors will always know where to find it, and can conveniently add to it as they run out of specific items.
  2. Read the Fine Print – It’s easy to leave reading glasses at home when heading out the door to shop for groceries. An extra pair of glasses or a magnifying glass should be stashed in a purse or pocket so that your loved one can always read labels and prices.
  3. Choose a Store with Wide Aisles and a Friendly Staff – Larger grocery stores are more likely to feature easy-to-navigate aisles and bright lighting. National chains also typically hire trained staff that can help older adults locate items, access out-of-reach packages and load the goods into a senior’s car.
  4. Shop on Wednesdays – Shopping in a crowded environment is particularly stressful for older adults. Studies show that supermarkets are less crowded on Wednesdays than on any other day of the week. Around 50 percent of national grocery store chains start their weekly specials on Wednesday as well, so seniors can get first pick on all of the deals.
  5. Know When to Get Help – If you or a loved one is having difficulties shopping, consider enlisting help from a home care agency. San Diego hourly home care professionals provide multiple services, including grocery shopping, picking up prescriptions, mailing packages and other errands.

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