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What to Expect Following a Dementia Diagnosis

Dementia may be attributed to multiple causes and can take different paths depending upon the severity of a person’s condition and their symptoms. However, the resulting emotions are very similar for all dementia patients and their caregivers, who may find themselves attempting to put together a long-term care plan while coping with confusion and shock. To lessen the fears that you may have during this time, the San Diego live-in care experts at Home Care Assistance have created a guide to help minimize your concerns following a dementia diagnosis.

As with any type of medical diagnosis, there is no set guideline to how a person should feel in the first few days and weeks after receiving difficult news. Dementia patients may worry about how their health condition will impact their daily life and be concerned about placing additional burdens on their caregivers. A patient’s loved ones may feel guilt, shock and even relief at finally having an answer for confusing symptoms. It is important for everyone to know that conflicting emotions may arise at any time and that these are normal.

However, dementia patients who find that their emotions impact their ability to enjoy life may benefit from counseling or joining a support group to learn more about how others cope with this condition. The same advice applies for caregivers, who can also benefit from respite care services. For example, hourly home care in La Jolla is a great option for overwhelmed family caregivers, with caregivers who take over care responsibilities and attend to household tasks so family members can rest and relax from their caregiving responsibilities.

Once everyone has become accustomed to the diagnosis, it will be time to set an action plan in place. Dementia patients who are in the early stages may find it reassuring to know that they have their financial and personal affairs in order. Loved ones can help dementia patients to create a plan that accounts for in-home care, financial management and modifications to the home that can make it possible to preserve one’s independence for as long as their condition allows. Learn more about home care in La Jolla and rest assured that your loved one will receive the care they need and deserve.

When making long-term care plans for a dementia patient, it is also important to develop a network of support that can continue to provide assistance throughout each stage of the disease. Family members, physicians and other dementia caregivers should be included in this network, and each can serve as a resource during difficult times of need. With the right type of plan in place, dementia patients and their loved ones can expect to make the most out of the upcoming years while providing quality care to the patient.

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