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Short Stories From Our Files

I’m the Security Guard

“No way, I’ll throw her out of the house – I don’t need and I don’t want a caregiver,” Ed yelled at his daughter.

Linda knew her Father needed help — his Alzheimer’s was progressing and he was getting very forgetful of important things – like turning off the stove.

But he was adamant about not having help. Linda was getting desperate, afraid for her Father’s safety and health since he lived alone in a home that he didn’t want to leave.

Fortunately, Linda called Home Care Assistance and talked with a Case Manager familiar with the problem. They discussed her Father’s habits and enjoyments and found that Ed liked going out to lunch every day and occasionally, to a nearby Indian casino to play the slot machines.

OK, said the Case Manger – Ed doesn’t want a caregiver, but how about a security guard, would he accept that?

Together, daughter and our Home Care Assistance Case Manager convinced Ed that he would be a lot safer with a security guard – and he agreed.

One of Home Care Assistance best male caregivers (aka Security Guard Jim), took care of Ed in his home – and made sure that he was safe when they went out to lunch – and occasionally, to play the slots at the nearby casino!

The Return of the Hostess

All of her adult life, Mary enjoyed giving parties – big parties in the back yard with a tent and first-class catering.

When she moved into an apartment in an assisted living facility at age 82, her life as the consummate hostess stopped. “The people are very nice and the food is good, but very predictable – there must be 100 ways to prepare turkey and they’ve found them all,” she noted.

After a few years and a few falls, she and her son decided that she needed a little more help than the assisted living facility provided – just someone around to help her bathe, get dressed and safely navigate through the day.

Mary and her son selected Home Care Assistance to provide the additional help. This spring, Mary was able to resume her role as hostess again at a Home Care Assistance Celebrations Dinner Party that she hosted for seven of her friends.

Just as at a younger age, Mary made the decisions – setting the date, choosing the guest list and selecting the menu. Home Care Assistance did everything else – right down to printing the invitations. The 4-course gourmet dinner was a great success and the delicious dessert (lemon tart with raspberry sauce) was the hit of the evening.

Mary’s son commented, “the Celebrations Dinner Party truly brightened my Mother’s life – there she was at the head of the table again. It gave her something to look forward to and returned to her something that she had lost – thank you so much!”

We look forward to giving Mary another complimentary Celebrations dinner party this fall.

What’s your Name?


The tennis ball made a slow arc over the net after each return shot. The ball, probably 10 years old, didn’t have much bounce left, but that was OK with the two men as they continued their leisurely volleys. Finally, one of them missed a shot and they both walked to the net.

“Phew, we’ve been at it for nearly an hour – you’ve about run me into the ground – I think it’s time to quit and go get some lunch.”

“You know, I used to be a darn good tennis player in college – say, what’s your name?”

“It’s Bill, sir.”

“Well, for an old guy, I’m still going strong, but if you want to give up now, it’s OK. Did I tell you that I played a lot of tennis in college? – won some tournaments too. What did you say your name is?”

“I’m Bill. What would you like me to fix you for lunch today?”

Our caregiver, Bill, has been playing tennis with our client twice a week for over a year. Bill drives our client to the local tennis court, they play for an hour or so, and then Bill takes our client back home and prepares his lunch. Bill has lost 10 pounds since he started playing tennis with our client; our client loves the outings and companionship and his wife is very happy to have the respite time.

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