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What to Expect Following a Dementia Diagnosis

By admin, 9:42 pm on March 11, 2014

Dementia may be attributed to multiple causes and can take different paths depending upon the severity of a person’s condition and their symptoms. However, the resulting emotions are very similar for all dementia patients and their caregivers, who may find themselves attempting to put together a long-term care plan while coping with confusion and shock. To lessen the fears that you may have during this time, the San Diego live-in care experts at Home Care Assistance have created a guide …

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Common Reasons for Balance Problems in Seniors

By admin, 10:17 pm on March 4, 2014

Balance problems are common among seniors and older adults. They are also the leading cause of senior falls, which can result in side effects as small as scrapes and bruises to more severe complications like broken bones and permanent disability. If you provide care for an aging parent or loved one, it is important to be able to identify balance problems and their possible causes. Being able to do so can help promote longevity and quality of life for your …

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Common Home Safety Issues for Alzheimer’s Patients

By admin, 7:25 pm on February 25, 2014

If your loved one has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, preparing the home for safety is a high priority to reduce risks of physical injuries, wandering events or life-threatening situations. As poor judgment, a decline in thinking skills and problems with physical balance progress, your parent may require supervision in the kitchen, assisting in performing potentially dangerous tasks and safe monitoring of outside activities. Conduct a Safety Assessment of Your Home As the leading provider of Alzheimer’s care in San …

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5 Tips for Hassle-Free Grocery Shopping for Seniors

By admin, 5:42 pm on February 18, 2014

From reading the small print on labels to picking up heavy packages, grocery shopping becomes more challenging as people age. For older adults, it can be the most difficult task of the week. At San Diego Home Care Assistance, we believe that seniors should never have to compromise their health and safety in order to shop for groceries and want to offer 5 simple strategies that can help make shopping for groceries easier for older adults. Make a List and …

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Home Modifications that Promote Senior Independence

By admin, 1:03 am on February 5, 2014

Mom just called again. You’ve been over to her house three times this week, and it’s only Tuesday. You’ve got deadlines at work, the kids have way too much going on after school and you’ve had about 12 hours sleep all week. How can you help her retain some of her independence so that you can retain some of your sanity? If you’ve found yourself in a similar situation with an elderly parent or loved one, here are some ideas …

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Heart Attacks: What Should You Expect?

By admin, 5:31 pm on January 28, 2014

With over one million Americans experiencing heart attacks each year, this common health condition is a concern for many adults. While a heart attack can range from mild to severe, each incident causes further permanent damage to the heart and could result in death. For this reason, senior adults should be aware of the first symptoms associated with cardiac distress along with how to prevent and handle a suspected heart attack to minimize the chances of long term health problems. …

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The “Other Aspects” of Managing Care from Afar

By admin, 5:40 pm on January 24, 2014

Managing a loved one’s care from a distance can pose numerous challenges; however, it is possible to make sure your loved one is safe and healthy in their San Diego home from afar. While you have likely ensured your loved one’s safety by establishing a health and hygiene routine, it may also be important to review your current plan to ensure it covers these often-overlooked aspects of long-distance caregiving. Daily Social Interaction – Long-distance caregivers have the advantage of using …

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Important Information about Oral Care!

By admin, 6:35 pm on January 21, 2014

At San Diego Home Care Assistance, we believe it is important that all seniors (and their loved ones) understand the importance of oral care! Although your elderly loved one may perform the proper daily teeth and mouth care, standard oral hygiene may not be enough. As individuals age, dental needs and oral care become more specialized and important to overall health. In fact, recent research has found a possible link between oral hygiene and serious health problems. Without regular checkups …

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Helping a Parkinson’s Patient Stay Active

By admin, 6:43 pm on January 16, 2014

Managing Parkinson’s disease is best accomplished through a combination of prescribed medications and exercise. For Parkinson’s patients, regular physical activity can help to strengthen muscles and improve range of motion and flexibility. In addition to the physical benefits of exercise, staying active can also help patients to keep a positive perspective on life that can carry over into their relationships. If you provide care for an aging loved one with Parkinson’s, encourage them to stay active! While you may encounter …

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Do Orange Foods Really Promote Better Health?

By admin, 11:32 pm on January 13, 2014

Whether traveling, dining out or eating at home, getting the recommended 5 to 9 servings of fruits and vegetables every day can be something of a challenge. However, did you know that a color coded system is an easy way to make sure that you getting the nutrients that you need to stay strong and healthy? A growing number of health experts suggest including different colored foods in your diet can simplify choices and that orange colored fruits and vegetables …

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